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Is a Dodge Slant 6 possible in a 38 Dodge rc truck?

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My wife wants to be able to  drive the truck too.  My plans were to put the original Desoto 25" engine back in with a T5 standard shift overdrive.  BUT...….. now I have to think "automatic transmission".  I've checked out Wilco and that would work, if....I didn't care about using a GMC trans.  I recall, some years ago, of someone putting in a Slant 6 w/automatic tranny.  I am not experienced as most of you so I could use some Pros & Cons in the suggestions.  By the way, when we had a big Ford van for wheelchair transportation, somehow we went through 3 clutches in 4 years...………………………………..HELP!!!!!!!!!!?      Thanks for your efforts.

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I'd imagine you can fit anything in the engine bay, as long as you fabricate the mounts....But I suspect a slant will be tough, '38 was the first year for "floating" power....the front motor mount sits on two supports that are welded to the inside frame and the rear mounts are bolted to the two dog ears on the flywheel cover to the inside of the frame....all mounts are on vulcanized rubber, producing the "float"....advertising claimed it was an "economizer" feature.


I am not so sure it would cheaper to teach the wife how to drive what it came with....GLWT


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I think you need to check engine lengths to make sure that a slant six will fit.  I think the slant six is slightly longer than the flathead.


Another option is to put in a 3.9L engine from a Dodge Dakota, which will come with an overdrive transmission.  I would go with an A500 automatic transmission with the hydraulic control.  The A500 has a slightly larger body than the A904, which requires some floor pan modification on cars but might fit fine in your truck.


See Junkyard Wagon

!966 Dodge Dart Wagon

v-6 in early A-body

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