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1940 Historical Chrysler photo


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Thanks in advance for help on this.

My family had a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership from 1926 through 1969 and when I was going through my dad's storage space after he died, I found this photo. I suspect it may have been a promotional shot that the corporation sent him. On the back, it's marked "Eugene White 2-29-1940." Does anybody have an idea of what it might be a photo of and of the make and model of the Chrysler pictured?




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Thanks to your lead, kaiser31, I was able to find this other photo online of the car and King and Queen riding up the West Side Highway in New York.




Scroll down to photo 16.


The photo I posted is from their visit to the World's Fair in Queens.


Thanks again for your help!





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Just now, keiser31 said:

Sure does look like the same car to me.

The window configuration looks different in the rear quarters, rear doors, and  divider - as in I do not see any glass windows - different color too via car and interior (perhaps they made more than one or perhaps car was reconfigured) ?

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