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Houk Caps - Stutz Nameplates

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All -

I have six Houk number 5 wire wheel hubcaps with Stutz nameplates, which are riveted on and removeable. Four of these caps are believed to be NOS while the other two are close to perfect. One is not pictured. These are shown in the last two pictures

I am looking for six Houk or Buffalo number 5 hubcaps, high-top style shown, in near good condition for my Kissels to restore. Ones like in the first picture. Early Kissels used the high-top Houk/Buffalo caps pictured, while later 1920's Kissels used the indented Stutz-like ones.


I would be interested in a trade.

If anybody wants to buy these Stutz caps outright, please message me. They will be expensive but worth it, considering rarity, name, and quality !!

Ron Hausmann P.E.




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