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larry butcher

Interesting fix on a '48 LC Coupe

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The following is a "fix" I performed on a repair of my latest acquisition. This could be a long "read", so get yourself a cup of

coffee or other beverage. In 2010 I purchased a somewhat neglected '48 LC Coupe from a "Lincoln" friend who I have known

since 1965. On a visit to his farm, I noticed this car sitting out in "tall wet grass" . "Jack ,I said, what are you going to do with 

that old LC Coupe. I don't know ,he replied; I had to pull it out of the barn, the roof was falling  in on it" Do you want It? he asked

I said , sure what goes with it. He replied , "every Lincoln part you can find in the barn"  The deal was made and plans were set to

have it "rollbacked" to a spare garage I had for such things. After getting it in the garage and up on jack stands, i inspected under-

neath to see what I had gotten myself into. The car NEEDED everything  ,but  that was ok ; I needed something to work on.  I knew

from previous Zephyrs, and Continentals  that have sat for a long time; it was best to drop the pan and pull off the intake manifold

to dig out the "mud" (sludge). Well, thats interesting, I noticed that the end of the pan that covers the starter "Bendix drive" was cut

and exposing the end of the starter drive.  All the road dirt, rain, snow and etc, is going to pack  in here. Then it dawned me , I remem-

ber reading in a back issue of the "Continental Comments" or "TWOTZ" that ther was a starter drive change made in late '47-'48 V12

engines. Perhaps it was too  weak or someone said , an Lincoln Engineer  did not like the sound--- sounds like a Ford!! If you check the

parts book , it shows pictures and part #'s of the different drive units.  It protrudes about 3/8" further out.  Well now, how to fix! I was 

not going to change pans. I had the pan off and was searching around my shop and scrap  metal for cylinder of some design to fit

over the "nose" to cover the drive. I found it!!   A used up propane (blue color) canister. After cleaning it out and cutting it to proper length,

( the inside diameter was just big enough to allow it to be slid over the pan extension (starter drive area) After cleaning paint, rust,dirt

etc, I tinned both pan and cynlinder with soler and "sweat" it on. It worked like a"Champ"  Cleaned again and painted semi -gloss black.

You can wake up now "Zephyr" guys---- I'am done!

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Did it still sound like a Ford with the modified open drive and / or did the cover change the noise.  I recently fitted a modified after market starter drive which had  no bendix spring and the Ford noise changed to a lower tone,  maybe the teeth mesh is slightly different!  time will tell.  How was the sludge build up in the pan and valley anyway?  Im a great believer in dropping the pan and cleaning any sludge out before starting an old motor that has set for a while. 

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        I couldn't  tell any difference in th sound of the starter because it was not running when I bought the car and I did the fix  be-

I got it running.  When I removed the intake manifold ,the valley was clean ; although I had 1 stuck valve.  This was taken care

of by tapping valve down thru the  spark plug hole with a brass rod ,back and forth while soaking  with penetrating oil and

bumping the starting motor.  After dropping the pan, I found no sludge but the oil float was demolished due to the lack of  a

pan tray.Replaced the float .the oil pump had beenreplaced by previous owner The engine looked to be rebuilt  some years before I bought

the car.  "26 H" was stamped on the top manifold rail and   also the rebuilder 's  initials.  I had to replace the hardware store

lockwashers on the rod caps  with the correct bend over tab locks. I pulled a couple rod bearing caps and main bearing caps

to check wear- beautiful!  New fuel pump, gas line, replaced gas tank, rebuilt carb, recored radiator,had coil rebuilt and repaced 

points, and resetup the dist. replaced engine wiring had  starter checked out,,new battery.  Fired it up and it  ran good. Good

oil pressure.   I know you didn't asked the whole story, but I do get carried away--- Larry

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larry it souinds like you got a good deal out of it. now all you need to do is get the rest of the parts for the car , which should be an easy task do to the newness of the car.  ;)

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