1923 Stutz 4 cyl - valve train lubrication question

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Can someone tell me how the valve train, pushrods, rockers and valve stems receive lubrication on a 1923 Stutz Model K fire truck?

The engine oil pressure seems good measuring 55 lbs.  The overhead valve cover does not appear to use a gasket suggesting  that there is not a lot of oil present.

The engine is in good condition and I have not taken it apart so I have not been able to visualize any oil passages etc.

Since I don't see a source of oil with the engine is running and the cover off, I'm concerned that the valve train is not being adequately lubricated.

I've attached a photo of the valve train.

Thank you for listening.

stutz valves.jpg

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Some early overhead valve trains were periodically oiled by way of the oil can on the dash, manually. People used to have a close relationship with their autos.

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