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69 Riv Fender Removal

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I'm stuck trying to remove the passenger side front fender. I need to service/replace the AC blower motor so the fender has to come off. I've removed all bolts shown in the service manual. The front of the fender lifts up about 2" and the rear came up about an inch but I'm unable to lift it further. What am I missing? I unbolted  the power antenna bracket and removed that unit but don't see anything else preventing the fender from coming off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you certain removing the fender is necessary? You should be able to change it with the inner fender removed, and if it

is like the GM cars of that era I've worked on, you can remove the inner fender if you unbolt the bottom of the fender behind

the tire and block it out with a piece of wood. Then you can remove all the inner fender bolts and rotate the inner fender out clockwise and down to

remove it. All the A-bodies and F bodies are like this, I would assume the Riviera is like that also.

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...pretty sure the fender has to be removed, as the blower motor is tucked way up under the upper rear portion of the right fender.

In any case, the wheel well must be removed, and after doing that, you can determine if the fender should be pulled. 

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