Newbie with 1922 Buick Model 35 Touring car

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On 10 June 2020 at 12:00 AM, RatFink255 said:
On 10 June 2020 at 12:00 AM, RatFink255 said:

Trying to find out about radiator repair on our old cars, mine being the 1922 Buick Touring car 4 cyl. I doped mine off at the radiator shop this morning and as he was looking at it said it could need to be re-cored (but wont know until he cleans it up and tests it). He said that it would not look like what the original would be and showed me one that looked ok but defiantly not the unique pattern that the old ones have. So I told him lets clean it up and test then decide after that.  He did see that there is a a couple spots at the bottom base where core is attached to the base that showed signs of it leaking but did not really see anything in the core itself at the moment.


So to get to the question does anyone know of a shop that would re-core the old cars radiators like the original or are we kind of SOL and just have to go the new close style. His quote was about the same as others had mentioned re-coring one $1000 so be that as it may will have to decide that when time comes.



Brice , good to see you back On the forum ........norm

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Brice , 


Have a look at http://www.vintageradiator.com/radiators.php   a New Zealand firm that hand craft radiators and cores they have a US distributer thefillingstation.com   based in Oregon , 

page 269 of their catalogue mentions a few...


With the exchange rate in the your favour  may be an option





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Thanks for the info. Hope your doing well. Got call from Radiator guy yesterday said there were 3 to 4 leaks in the core area and would be about $686 + taxes to re-core.  I told him wanted to hold off as not in the budget for that much right now maybe month or two. That being said between what everyone else has been suggesting glad I am putting it off at the moment. will look into what you sent me as well as couple other ideas about finding the leaks and just sealing up the square and going on. With a system that is not pressurized (like modern cars) it should not be all that big of a deal for a while then look into re-corning at a later date.


Best regards,



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