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Pasco wheel cap - screw on

one hammer head

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I have been cleaning out my workshop which is long overdue.  In the process I ran across this screw on Pasco cap and wondered what it's value was.   I only have the one and it does seem to be in very good shape for as old a piece as it probably is.  I have (I hope!) added a few photos of it to this post.  Thanks, Jay Self






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I can't help you with a value, although I can tell you that your Pascoe hubcap was for an aftermarket wire wheel (very rare). They were mostly fitted to T model Fords and Maxwells. Whether your hubcap fits either of those, I don't know. However, if you were looking to build up a set of Pascoe wheels, this would be invaluable. If that's the Ford size, it'll be of interest to the T model Ford people.

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