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Pressure Plate for 1929 Plymouth U

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I am looking for a clutch pressure plate for a 1929 Plymouth U.


I  have an old Interchangeable parts book [Chilton] from the early 30’s.  I could not find any markings on the pressure plate but Chilton shows it as EJ10  13 in it's interchange parts book.


Chrysler Part number:  42233


I believe this pressure plate  (Chilton  EJ10 - 13) was used on :


1927                     Whippet 93A Rockford Clutch
1928-29                Whippet 98
1930-31                Whippet 98A

1928                     Willys-Knight 56
1928-29                Willys-Knight 70A
1929                     Willys-Knight 56
1929-30                Willys-Knight 70B

1929-30                Marmon Roosevelt
1931-32                Marmon 70


Any help locating this part would be appreciated.


Tks, Chet....    Contact < chetbrz@aol.com >    PP-dimensions.jpg




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Thanks, Forth Wayne Clutch & Driveline didn't have one.  As a last resort they may be able to piece something together if I can't fine anything.


Pressure plate from Ply 1928 to 1932 will work but still nothing in stock. 


As I am sure you know that's the problem with a 90 year old car. 



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