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Need help on 1949 Cadillac purchase

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11 hours ago, Joe Cocuzza said:


I am slowly cleaning it up. If all goes smoothly I should be done with the polishing/waxing in a couple of weeks and then, as the weather cools off, I plan on attacking the mechanics - brakes, engine, gas tank, etc.

That should be easy.

Cars always seem to run better with a good wash job.

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5 hours ago, GARY F said:

Gotta bring it out in the sun so we can see it really shine. Look great

Now that the outside is all cleaned and waxed I intend to move on to the mechanics and getting it running again.

That may take a little time but as soon as I can move the car in and out of the garage I will snap some shots of it outside.

BTW, thanks for the compliments from everyone here. It keeps me motivated.


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We restored a '59 Conv. Some time after it was finished it had a run in with an out of control shopping cart. 2 dents in the rear quarter. Owner wanted to try paintless dent removal. I was very skeptical to the point I wagered $20 that the dents would still be visible. I lost my $20.

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  • 2 years later...

It has been quite a while since any update on the 49 Caddy so here is one

After getting it all cleaned up I FINALLY moved on to the mechanics.

I removed all the plugs and sprayed WD-40 into each cylinder and then turned the motor by hand. Cleaned all the plugs and re-installed them.

Cleaned and flushed the radiator and installed it with new hoses and thermostat.

Installed new (correct) early valve cover gaskets.

Drained/dropped oil pan and cleaned out about 1" of sludge. Painted and reinstalled with new gaskets.

Installed new battery box with new battery

Installed new:

water pump

fuel pump

plug wires

distributor cap -only cleaned the points .

Ran a remote gas can to the new fuel pump and tried to start the car. It started in 1/2 a turn but I noticed (fortunately) that gas was shooting out of the vent holes on the top of the carb. Of course, it was shooting directly onto the coil and the distributor - not a good place for that. I quickly shut the motor off. So I was not sure whether or not to rebuild the carb. I had to go to NAPA about something unrelated and I mentioned this problem to the guy working the counter. Lucky for me he rebuilt carbs for 40 years and he said that there was probably something clogging the ports and that I should go home and gently tap around the carb with a small hammer to see if that helps.

Well I did that and then started the car. NO LEAKS from the carb. Hurray!!!! And that motor, after running for a short time, sounded so good and was rock solid with no vibration(s)/noises/smoke whatsoever.

I then dropped the gas tank. I was going to have it cleaned and sealed but I opted for a new one along with a sending unit. Haven't had the chance to install it yet - weather got cold.

That's where I am at this point. After the gas tank is in I will move on to redoing the brakes and installing the new tires - probably not until the spring - but who knows.


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Since you're working on the gas tank, now is a good time install a 6 volt electric pump.  You'll want this for vapor lock and for starting the car after it's sat for a period of time.  They have 6 volt rotary pumps that the mechanical fuel pump can pull gas through.   These cars do tend to vapor lock on hot days, especially in traffic, because the fuel pump is mounted on top of the engine.  Lots of heat there.   There is plenty of room on the frame to mount one in front of the rear wheel right where the fuel line runs.     

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