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New Accomodations for Hershey

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Got this email today to our office:

My wife and I purchased a local BnB about 60 days ago and opened in Mid-June.

We have 3 rooms (king bed, jacuzzi tub and gas fireplace in each) and sit on 6 acres

8-10 minutes to Hershey

Would appreciate if you would consider forwarding our information for anyone needing rooms for the Auto Show in October.

Just trying to spread the word since we are now open!


Thank you:

Jay and Michelle



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John, the closer you get to Hershey, the higher price, and yes many of the hotels and motels do expect a multiple night stay.  The rates listed for this hotel are very reasonable for the fall meet as most local hotels are well over $200 or $300 a night.  This sounds like a pretty good deal.  I have had great experiences at a couple of Bed and breakfast places with wonderful meals and QUIET!

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We are not making it this year because we are taking two cars to MCACN in Chicago in Nov but in 2019 we are coming . I can tell you that at the Lodge where we stay its $400 a night. Its RIGHT at all the action and it beautiful but oh so expensive. Not sure what we are doing in 19 at this time. This BnB looks very nice

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I've rented an apartment (2 bedrooms, bath, kitchen, living room) adjacent to and part of the Simmons Motel every year since 1984, sharing with friends since that time. 

Breakfast in the apartment, 

lunch on the field

dinner at one of the many great local restaurants in the Hershey/Palmyra area.

355 W. Chocolate Ave, Hershey


I can see my Chocolate Field spaces from the kitchen window, and could walk up and back if necessary


Accommodating folks and reasonable (for this event) rates.

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Room rates are ridiculously high during Fall Meet Week. You have to start researching rates soon after you return home from the Fall Meet and find a place to stay for the following year. We stayed at the Comfort Inn on Mae Street for 12 years straight beginning 1 year after it opened years ago. The rates were good and my wife and 2 young daughters always came. At the end of each stay, we were offered reservations for the following year, but the rate jumped $150 per night. I asked why such a high increase and the plain and simple reply was...."because all the other hotels are doing it". Needless to say, we didn't reserve the room. 

Since that time, I've used the internet and telephone to find the best rate at the most desirable accomodations. We've never stayed more than 8 miles away and never paid more than $100 per night average....and we always stay for 5 nights. It's all part of the Fall Meet Experience and I'm in!


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Made reservations at LaQuinta on Eisenhower Dr. for this year when I checked out last year and was pleasantly surprised at the price. Have stayed there 4 of the last 3 years, easy to take the back way in to Hershey and close to Capital Diner. 

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