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1911-12 Hudson 33 speedster - Hostetler


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HOSTETLER’S HUDSON COLLECTION Took some photos of the yellow Speedster which Eldon always claimed to be a 1911. Could not find a serial plate so I wonder how it is titled.

Ok, so maybe it was titled in late 1911 but is there a legitimate paper trail? 


The Seldon body tag is most likely a repro with no number stamped in. It clearly has a 1912 Weston-Mott offset rear axle and 1912 style gauges. The engine number is T11240 which is very early 1912 touring  car. It is missing the engine sod (belly) pan, essential in cooling. It has mixed lights: Castle 1207 headlamps and CM Hall taillight. The Puerto Rico story is somewhat interesting but  I seriously doubt if a state of the art car would be shipped there first. I think this Speedster was made from a Roadster; it is not Mile-A-Minute (Speed) Roadster..by the way, what happened to the 1912 Hudson 33 roadster that formerly resided at Silver Springs, FL museum?



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