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1935 'Sailing Ship' Hood ornament

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replacing the hood ornament on a 35' PJ 2 door Sedan

is there a best 'approach' to get in and underneath, removing the 'broken'  one, and to clean and install the replacement?  Like many other things its a very tight space.

any advice,direction is appreciated

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Can't help you with the bolt access but as far as cleaning an intricate piece like that, I find spray oven cleaner works best. Won't harm the plating. Let it sit for 10 minutes or so, then use a toothbrush on it. Rinse, good as new.

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Tom, keep in mind that a 35 ship won't fit a 34 shell.  Look similar but lots of differences.  Biggest difference is that the front of the 35 fits into the stainless trim on the sides of the grille, while the 34--even on the later series with the stainless trim around the grille--sits up above, independent of the grille trim.  Maybe you just want a shelf ornament, but thought I would point that out.

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