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1991 TC needs help

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I bought my first TC, a 1991, from the original owners. It is in great shape but it does have a few problems. I need a driver's door actuator, key fob, and a trunk key. I have to rely on the button in the glovebox to open my trunk. Also, the motor that runs the tonneau needs replacing. Can anyone out there in TC Land help me locate these parts?

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Hello Kriley:

If these are all of your problems, consider yourself very lucky. These cars are after all over 25 years old and things do go wrong due to age and neglect, plastic and hoses do get brittle over time. FYI, to my knowledge  there were no more cars built after after model year of 1990, your car is probably a 1990,  sold in 1991.

(1  Buy yourself a repair manual absolutely necessary, there is also a lot of good info in the archives if your a new owner! on this site and also on Ebay

(2 The tonneau unit can be repaired by people here on this site..... just do a simple search!

(3 I'm not sure what you mean by key fob, if you mean the original Chrystal Ignition key you may find one for sale once in a while again 

     on this site an original blank can be very pricey

  (4 I'm not sure what you mean by drivers door actuator problem .... outer button or the inner plastic one behind the arm rest.

 (5  Trunk Key.... that's easy, take the car to a good reliable locksmith and for $25 he'll make you one. FYI the trunk key is probably 50% 

        longer than the ignition key blanks are still available! A word of advice here.... as the trunk lid is very heavy too many people attempt to lift the trunk lid with the key... Don't do it!!

Enjoy your new/old ride, good kuck

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