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(#19) What is it? Identify that car!We recently received a...

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(#19) What is it? Identify that car!

We recently received a massive collection of prewar car photographs. We are equipped to identify cars in photographs. Due to the volume of unidentified images, we decided to try something new….and something that is hopefully fun for you!

Do you think you have what it takes to ID the vehicle(s) in the image? If so, please give us the make and model year and, whenever possible, the reasons why you believe your identification is correct. Some vehicles will be easier to identify than others, but we will share them all with you regardless. After we receive some guesses, we will check our available resources to see how you did. Good luck!

This one is a truck, loaded with patriotic men, women, and children in support of the soldiers driving it.

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On 7/21/2018 at 5:26 PM, nzcarnerd said:

Maybe a Liberty truck, but made by who I don't know. The wiki page says that 15 different makers built them.

@nzcarnerd , it's definitely a liberty and based on the acetylene lamps it is a 2nd series (the 1st series used electric lamps). It looks like there are plenty of variations out there, so I'm not too sure of the date, so I'm putting it at circa 1918, though it could also be a 1919. 



Circa 1918 Liberty Truck_0002.jpg

1919 Liberty Truck 2nd Series_0002.jpg

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As a Liberty owner I would call it a Republic. The cowling seems to be a flat board, not extending out as far as the Liberty Trucks cowling. 2nd, the cab cover, even if folded back would be really apparent if it were the Liberty folded back, as it's so large.

Just my thoughts.

V/R  W winget

Liberty Type I owner and 1918 Standard B (Liberty) fanatic 

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