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Electric Turbocharger HA!


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OK, I ordrered one of those electric turbo things, after extensive research (which I shoulda done prior to purchasing) I've found out it is actually a marine exaust blower for boats. I will give it a try just out of curiousity and post the results. In theory, the idea of such a device sounds feasible if it would be capable of modest pressurization, say 2-3 pounds. Any ideas?

Was thinking along the lines of an inverter to 110v and a more capable blower?

P.S. anyone have a boat? confused.gif

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It's a matter of deductive reasoning... if a simple $40 electric fan (or any electric turbocharger for that matter) really worked then why don't I see them on any cars? Why do the automobile manufacturers revise cam profiles, modify intake and exhaust designs, etc, etc, to squeeze out a few extra HP if they could achieve the same results with the installation of a $40 electric fan? Why doesn't every hot rodder in the world have an electric fan in his intake? Instead of the millionth 'What Cam Is Best For My Small Block Chevy' article in Popular Car Rod magazine why don't I see features on electric intake fans? If time travel were possible wouldn't I see visitors from the future?... sorry, I digress.

I would send it back and use the money to buy a nice lawn ornament or something.


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I always wondered something like that would work. I think to get any real results the electric turbo would have to atleast have 540 size commonly

found in 1:10 scale RC cars, a good one goes for $60, typically makes 1/3hp (does that mean that it'll at best increase HP by 1/3 HP?) and a gear

drive to reduce motor RPM and big 12 guage wires. Not sure what the amp draw would be, and how hard it would be on the alternator. Lots of maintenance.

Good for short use.

Or an Avonex Brushless motor with similar setup. They make like 3 times the power and require less or no maintenance. The key is a gear drive. Brushless

motors require there own programmed Electronic Speed Contol. It would cost like $600 for a brushless motor electric turbo setup.

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