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Brake set up question-37 Packard 120

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I have a 37 Packard 120 and am having problems with the brakes locking up.  A very experienced mechanic rebuilt the entire brake system all the way from master cylinder to each and every wheel.  He said the set-up process was very difficult.  He followed the set-up and adjustment procedures as outlined in the Packard shop manual yet as he set things up, one by one he had to work at extensively adjusting each wheel because first one would lock up and then another and then another.  Thought all were good to go and the car drove well for 100 miles and then this year for no apparent reason, the left rear locked up when coming to a stop at a light.  More adjusting and seems to be working but based on its history, not confident the problem won't come back at the worst possible time.  Has anyone had this problem?  Is there a trick to setting up the brakes?  As I mentioned, everything is new in the entire system.  Any input would be appreciated.  Hard to find people who still work on these older cars.  Thanks, Bob

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First of all I assume this the left rear brake and that that is the wheel that is giving you problems.  If so, I don't see anything mis-assembled.  It looks fine.  I have attached a picture of my left rear brake assembly for comparison:


Here are a few things to consider with respect to the rear brakes:


1.  If the brake sticks right-off-the-bat, maybe you have applied and released the emergency brake but it really did not release and is still sticking?  Lubrication and/or readjustment of the emergency brake cable might correct this problem.


2.  Assuming you have not applied the emergency brake and instead the sticking occurs after you apply the brake pedal,  then the left rear wheel cylinder itself may not be working properly.  Something internal could be binding up and not be letting the brake springs move the cylinder's pistons back to their at-rest position.  Did you install new, or rebuild your old, wheel cylinders?


Other than these thoughts, I am stumped too.

1937 Packard Left Rear.JPG

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