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Trying to unstick a E-49 engine, video part 4

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22 hours ago, Brian_Heil said:

Anyone who would like to understand how the higher torque of the modern truck is further multiplied by a torque converter, 1st gear transmission ratio, final drive axle ratio and then transmitted by the ~1 foot moment arm of the truck wheel radius converting all this torque to a pulling force, send me a PM. 


My concern is for anyone reading this thread in the future. 





The 1918 Buick was being pulled by a chain. What was on the other end of the chain was a tension or pulling force acting on the chain. What was pulling the chain is not relevant.....it could have been the truck I used, or a car, or even another 1918 Buick. It could have been an elephant, a log skidder, a come-along, or a large number of men tugging. It could have been a pulley attached to a rock hanging off a cliff. The only thing affecting the Buick was the chain. The torque of the truck is not relevant, other than it turns to tensional force.


Also, the amount of force the truck produces depends on the amount of gas used. I was barely above idle speed. It's not like I had it floored or anything. Also, you mistake the ~1 foot moment arm radius of the truck wheel as increasing the torque. It actually decreases it, a larger moment arm radius would increase torque, that's why tractors have giant wheels. Also, torque converters don't multiply torque. They decrease it, they lose torque which is why automatics get worse gas mileage.


That's all.

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1 hour ago, Ben Bruce aka First Born said:


 You engineering types are MADDENING!

   I did similar to what Morgan did with my '50.  Moving it with a chain attached to the rear bumper of a '78 Dodge PU.  No brakes.  So using the clutch and stuck engine for brakes.  On about the third time doing so, the engine broke loose. Did not seem to hurt anything.




I did it with my '40 Buick using a minivan and my '50 Dodge Coronet using a Kubota with duals on the back. These cars were all just stuck from sitting, not rusty. For rusty engines I would take the whole engine apart and replace any rusted parts.

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