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1913-21 Leyat Helical.

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While I have been busy with both the Fiat 501 and the Lagonda Rapier I do have as my daily driver  a 1998 Peugeot which despite some Hail damage is still as nice to drive today as it was when we purchased it in 1998 but that is not what I would like to share with you today.

In 2009 we were in France doing one of our five yearly European touring holidays in the Lagonda Rapier, while in France one of the events we enjoyed was the Age d'Or Historic Race meeting at Montl'hery. There are always lots to see and enjoy, but one car that really stood out was the Leyat Helica. This one is a reproduction but as with so many of these things it would have been almost impossible to tell where there was anything different for the original. It is powered by an ABC horizontal twin and the seating arrangement is tandem making the car a two seater.

Brakes are on the front wheels only while the steering is on the rear.




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