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1927 Marmon Rumble Seat footrest Stands or image wanted


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My wife thinks its time for me to pass my Marmon on down the road to someone else who has as much appreciation for it as I do. It is a 1927 E75 unrestored Rumble seat coupe. Even though that is the case I can't quit looking for the few items I need to make it a complete car. I need to come up with the rumble seat footrest stands but I don't even know what they look like. So am image of what I need would be wonderful. This car has a body built by Robbin Body  so is an all steel body and I want to finish the body wood if I can before it goes. I hate half finished projects and I will leave this world with to many I am afraid. I want to at least get this done . I appreciate all the help I have gotten from all the Marmon folks over the years. I have been too sick to keep active in the club.

With warm regards


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