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1931 Chrysler CM Headlights

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Posting information here if anyone needs it.

Here is the information that I gathered for the Model CM Headlights when trying to find my own pair:

CM Hall Depress Beam Headlamps

Buckets: (according to the 1928-1935 Motors Handbook, Page 200) are part number 268-A for the Black Painted Bucket Assembly, or 268-B for Chrome Bucket Assembly. The assembly would have included the lamps, the reflectors, the wiring, and the doors. The Chrome buckets were an option if the 'customer' paid extra for them. Overall Diameter of the bucket is approximately 9.25". The Chrysler 8's had larger buckets, and had adjustment screws on the back of the bucket.

Glass: Depressed Beam Glass Part Number H-12941- A Flat Glass, with Interior Lens Diameter of 7 63/64", Total Outside Diameter of 8 3/4". The notch is at the 180 degree mark (or the bottom) of the glass.

Reflectors: Originally these have a silvered finish, approximately 9.25" Wide.

Doors: Doors (or the parts that held the lens to the bucket, and allowed for changing the light bulbs) were about 9.25" Wide, and had raised 'beading' on the 90 degree, and 270 degree points on the bucket. The top had a flared out point at the 0 degree portion. The doors are connected by a tab from the reflector sticking out the top (at the 0 degree mark), and were connected at the bottom by a screw 'z' clip style attachment. 

Plug: The Electrical whip connection was made with a double contact headlamp plug, number 6212. Haven't been able to find this exact part.

Lightbulb: It used headlight bulb Mazda 1000


Lastly, I believe the 1932 Chrysler 6 Cylinder Models (CI 6 Models) had the exact same bucket, doors, reflectors, plugs and bulbs. The only difference is that they used glass part number H-13464, which was a convexed glass.

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