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Need help identifying shock absorbers

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These shock absorbers are fitted to my 1930 Chrysler model 70 here in the UK. These are pictures of the front right. They are not original equipment however they are on the car and look of the period. Numbered 39579. If I am going to get them renovated I need to know the make and model number.


Can anyone help please?


Front Right (3)-800.jpg


Front Right (4)-800.jpg


Front Right (5)-800.jpg

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This is the answer to my query regarding shock absorbers fitted to my 1930 Chrysler Model 70. The answer provided by Apple Hydraulics.


I am assuming that Chrysler might have fitted these to their export models.


“Shocks like yours used for a year or two on big cars like Packard or Pierce-Arrow or Chrysler (with different arms for every application).

This "version 1.0" is replaced with shocks that have plugs on both ends of the body and, in late 1930s with shocks like 1941-49 Cadillac rear (for example, see pictures on under Cadillac). All measurements stayed same: body dimension, spacing between mounting holes.”

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