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David Dunbar Buick Carburetor Company (Sold)


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I am going to start  moving some old items I have collected from David Buick.

First item is the prototype Hi Power carburetor he manufactured when he started the David Dunbar Buick Carburetor company back in 1921. I have his carburetor, stamped # 1,  a typed letter to an investor about his company and goals signed by Thomas Buick, and the sales flyer and poster he had printed for advertising, and a stock certificate he issued.

The carb is in a glass display case, and the related items are framed for display.




This is a very rare item, and an opportunity to own an item actually designed, created and handled by David Buick.

This carb was being created to sell to all manufacturers of automobiles as a way to achieve more HP and get better fuel mileage, until Durant stepped in and killed this dream.

If interested, email me directly 





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