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Pierce-Arrow Wine Country Tour

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1. 1929 Model 133 for sale for $29k Petaluma, CA 707-887-1906 (home) or 478-1831 (cell)

2. 1930 Model B Roadster, George Teebay

3. 1937 1703 Enclosed Drive Limo Bob Koch

4. P-A full suspension bicycle, front fork is like 2 leaf springs, 2 leaves each side, and the rear has a pivot point at the bottom bracket, so it is a swingarm and monoshock.

Camera Shots 448.jpg

Camera Shots 447.jpg

Camera Shots 462.jpg

Camera Shots 453.jpg

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1. 1909 Model 24 Runabout Richard Anderson


3. 1920 Series 51

4. 1917 48 B-4 7 passenger

Camera Shots 460.jpg

Camera Shots 458.jpg

Camera Shots 445.jpg

Camera Shots 439.jpg

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The Pierce Arrow Society Annual Meet is always a great event.  We are a DRIVING car club.  Each day we departed Rohnert Park [5 miles south of Santa Rosa] and immediately were on country roads heading to the Redwoods, the Pacific coast, a Winery Tour or one of several spectacular car collections. 


Here are a few pics I took.  

My '32 Convertible Coupe/Roadster

In front of the School House from the Alfred Hitchcock movie 'The Birds'. 

A warning sign we ignored.

My '32 CCoupe/Roadster and my '25 Touring at the top of the climb.


Next year the Annual Meet will be in NE Indiana June 11-16th









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