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1941 Buick Super Radiator - OEM - Offers?


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Stock.  Out of our 1941 Buick Straight 8.  Used as template at Walker Radiator to start making radiators for these big cars.


In really good shape for a radiator of its age.


I live just outside Chattanooga TN.


I don't mind shipping it for you - just pay me the shipping costs.


I have PayPal.



1941 Buick Super Straight 8 Radiator OEM 2.jpg

1941 Buick Super Straight 8 Radiator OEM.jpg

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On 6/26/2020 at 2:55 AM, flintbuick said:

still available?


Last visited  July 26, 2018  (about 2 weeks after the post)

Could send him a PM(personal message). Put the arrow on posters name, a window will pop up, click on message(lower left) and send him a note. This way he will/may get a message through his email depending how he set up his account



Look at this post https://forums.aaca.org/topic/250485-looking-for-a-manual-3-speed-od-for-my-daughters-1961-ford-galaxie/?tab=comments#comment-1330090


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