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1941 Front Fenders

Matt Harwood

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Hello, all.

I recently acquired some NOS front fender spears for my '41 Century. However, when I held them up to the fender on my Century, it was clear that the fit wasn't even close (see photo). I believe my front fenders are original and undamaged (there is evidence of some slight body work--the mounting holes were filled by brazing, for instance), but the contours should be correct. Also, the fit is poor on both sides, leading me to believe that the NOS trim I purchased is for a small series car (Special or Super). I think it is unlikely that the trim is bent--it's a casting and would probably break before bending as much as it would have to fit so poorly. Can anyone confirm or deny that there were different contours on the fenders?

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.


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