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Evaporator plastic cover

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I decided to replace my evaporator today and discovered the plastic cover is not reusable. It cracked and came off in pieces. It was very soft in some places and just crumbled in others. I think the oil from the leaking evaporator may have helped to break it down. It's had a slow leak forever and I was getting away with just adding R134 to it when needed. 

Does anyone know of a source that is replicating these covers? 

If not I'll try to find a good used one. 




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looking at the parts book..

the Riviera, Eldorado and Seville is the same part.

The parts book is not clear but there appears to be an inner and outter part....the part # for the inner did not change 1986- 1993 but for some reason the outter number did change

I suspect it is a minor difference that you could handle.

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Thanks Barney, The part is the outer one. It's called the Cover Blower Case # 52455957.

I've found a few but they were in bad shape. I'm thinking I will end up using some stick-on heat shielding as the plastic cover's only function seems to be insulating the evaporator from heat and noise.


I found a 1990 Reatta at the local salvage yard but forgot to get the VIN for the database. Will go back soon.

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