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1947 1948 Buick Seat Back "Robe" Pull-Cord Question

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I’m replacing the seat back pull cords ("robe cords") on my 47 Buick. I have the bezels but the cords are not installed. I believe the front seat-back cushions need to be removed to access the inside of the seat-back metal frame? Problem is...... I'm not smart enough to see how the seat cushion comes apart from the seat-back assembly? Does anyone know how the front seat-back upholstery / spring assembly is removed to access the seat-back metal frame? Also how does the cord chain get attached to the seat-back metal frame? Please help before I do some damage. Any info is appreciated. Thanks

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No need to remove the upholstery. The chain is attached with a screw as is the bezel. If your car already had ropes the attachment plate and screw holes are already there. Find them with your finger tips and a large sewing needle......bob

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