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1966 442 Tri Power convertible cowl tag information

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Hope some one can help me figure out if the 1966 442 convertible is a true 442 and can tell me what options it has. The vin # is 338676380066. Cowl tag reads, 1st. row- 06A    5 2nd. row- ST 66-33867   LAN-8964,  3rd. row-TR   980-8    C-2 Body Paint.   4th. row- WS 2LT.  5th. row-  4FC   5VY.   Intake reads 398288  and I can only read part of the other number on the intake which is 18480572.  I know that some people say that GM used Cutlass bodies for the 442 and didn't change the cowl tag? Thanks for all the HELP.  Farrell Smith

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The 442 was not a separate model in 1966 and thus did not have a unique VIN.  The RPO L78 442 package was available on the F-85, F-85 Deluxe, and Cutlass lines.  The VIN would have been that of the base model.  In your case, the 33867 VIN shows this to be a Cutlass convertible.  The good news is that the 5V code on the cowl tag does prove that the car is a real 442.  FYI, your posted VIN has a typo - you are missing a character as there are 13 characters in the VIN.  The seventh character is the assembly plant. Given that the cowl tag shows this to be a Lansing built car, the VIN should be 338676M380066.


For completeness, your cowl tag decodes as follows:


06A = built the first week (A) of June (06), 1966

ST66 = Style 1966 model year

33867 = Oldsmobile (3) Cutlass (38) convertible (67)

LAN = Lansing assembly plant

8694 = Fisher Body sequence number, not related to the VIN

TR980-8 = Trim black bucket seat interior

C-2 PNT = Provincial White paint (C) with black convertible top (2)


The remaining cowl tag data are option codes

W = tinted windshield

S = power trunk release

2L = floor cutout for 4spd shifter

T = power antenna

4F = ???

C = chrome window sill molding at base of side windows (RPO B85 moldings)

5V = 442 package

Y = deluxe seat belts


Keep in mind that the cowl tag was installed by Fisher Body before the body was dropped on the chassis and only contains option codes that were installed by Fisher.  You won't find any data on the engine or rear axle, for example. The four speed code is only there because Fisher had to cut the hole in the floor and install the adapter for the shifter boot.  The 442 code is there only because Fisher had to pierce the body for the different emblems and the fender vents.


There is nothing that will prove or disprove if the car was an L69 tri-carb car from the factory.  Keep in mind that the tri-carb package was also available as a dealer-installed package in addition to being factory installed. Look again at the casting number on the intake.  It should be 393238, which is the tri-carb intake.  Look again at the other number - it's the firing order (1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2). Good luck, sounds like a nicely optioned car.

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