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You had a post last week that referenced Autopia. I registered, bought their book, etc. Nice site, BUT last couple of days when trying to access I get "file not found-requested url not found on this server". Any idea of what I have done or can do??

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So Nic you were the one! scared.gif

I had to use the Search Engine as my link didn't work either. Here is what you did???

"From the Mayor

9/23/2002 FORUM OUTAGE... One of the tables in the database got corrupted (bad data) and caused the forum to halt. Whatever caused the problem also corrupted the file system, which took several hours to fix. As I was planning an outage to move the forum to it's new home (a new server), I took the opportunity to go ahead and make the move. "

I found them here AUTOPIA

PS Good reading for all.

PS I don't like most claying instructions that recommend stretching, folding and turning the clean side of clay out. I like to tear off a piece the size of a quarter stretch it out to several times its size. I use one side with lots of lubricant until it gets dirty, flip to other side and when it is dirty I toss it. An additional benefit to doing it this way is that if you drop it on the ground you must throw it away and you will be only tossing a small piece. There are two types of people in this world. Those who drop their clay and those who say they don't drop their clay.

You'll need sunglasses cool.gif in the shade, Have fun, Robert

PS: THIN THIN COATS, did I mention thin coats?

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