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Original Stainless-Steel Clad Bolts For Sale. Most have ROUND HEADS but some have OVAL HEADS. MOST ARE KNICK-FREE.

-The NOS ROUND HEADED bolts  are shown in the upper-right corner: Have ONE 1 1/2" long and THREE 1" long bolts with a 1" diameter head; SIX 1" long 7/8" diameter heads; and TEN 1" long plus ONE 7/8" long bolts with a 3/4" diameter head.  TOTAL: 21 BOLTS.

- The lower- right corner shows USED ROUND HEAD bolts. Did not count them but they weigh 4 1/2 pounds of various sizes, Some have the original Castellated nuts. Most are Knick-free while some are ALMOST knick-free.

- Those in the lower-left corner have ROUND HEADS, but are "SPECIAL" in that there are NO THREADS ON THEIR ROUND SHANKS. (Looks like they just SLIP into a bumper hole). There are 1 Pound of these.

- Upper-left corner shows OVAL HEAD bolts IN GOOD CONDITION of various sizes--- 1 1/2 pound of these.

Total weight for all the above is 7 1/2 Pounds.

Asking price for all: $25.00 PLUS SHIPPING.

Questions? : blincoln  at



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