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1931-32 Chevrolet Cabriolet parts?

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Found this pair of parts in with a batch of 1931-32 Chevrolet Cabriolet parts I recently acquired...


Wondered what they are? And if they are for a '31 or '32 Chevrolet or something else?


They look like some sort of bracket for something.


They seem to be original parts that have been professionally re-chromed.  Each bracket measures 10-3/4" in overall length.


Any help would be great.







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They look like 2 side pieces from a foot rest bar for rear seat passengers ?. The end with a single hole would have a round tube going across from one side to the other, the end with 2 holes probably should have some kind of bracket mounted to it to attach to the floor. 

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Hope I am not out of line for posting this. My experience identifying things for Staygold has not been the greatest. He has had two posts asking for info that I spent some time researching, the main one being a part for an International several weeks ago, and as far as I can tell he never revisited to see if anyone found the answer.  I do not expect any reward, but it would be nice to know if my time was waisted in looking up items for him. Lesson learned, not to spend my time if he does not care enough to even revisit the post.

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