Bob Stein

1951 Studebaker External Visor mounting parts

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I have most of the parts for the factory external sun visor, but the center support rod assembly that attaches to the cowl at the back of the hood 'V' was bad and came part when I removed the visor painting.  That was 12 years ago - can anyone provide photos of the mounting points (side and center) so I can try to duplicate or fabricate the items?  Or if yo have the hardware on a parts visor, I would be glad to buy them.

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I just und the center support parts in a box - still need the 4 outer clamps, but I may be able to fabricate them.  Very annoying in that I am usually much more careful about keeping small parts bagged and with the main item.  The center post has an angled bracket that attached on the cowl at the center of the hood - the original was torn, and I made one that eventually broke as well.  I have attached a photo of the car with the visor on, as well as the outer end and the center post assembly. I think I can create what is needed if actual parts cannot be located.




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Studebaker may have used a couple of visor suppliers. The OEM visor on my '51 is a single piece of fiberglass with no center support rod, and quite stable in the wind.  I don't know if my photos will help but you can see how it's attached.





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