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Wanted: July 4th photos with your Buick

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Did you go to a parade or picnic this July 4th and take photos of your Buick with flags or red-white-blue streamers? Do you have any photos of past July 4th holidays? Please post or send us your photos so we can use them in next year’s July issue (we’ll save the photos all year long)! Send photos and a brief description to Pete at pphillips922@gmail.com and/or Cindy at cwldesigns@gmail.com. Thanks so much, Cindy

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I'll make it work. But most phones take high resolution photos these days. It's a question of how you send it or upload it, so if you don't  mind, go ahead and email me the photo as an attachment and hit "actual size". It just might be bigger than you think. It's worth a try! Thanks, Cindy (cwldesigns@gmail.come)

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1 minute ago, TG57Roadmaster said:

Not a parade or July 4th, but the Roadmistress, my '57 Model 73 Riviera Sedan is Red, White and Blue the whole year through.



Haha... you WOULD try to sneak that in, wouldn't you??? :) I'll keep in my "Patriotic Buicks" folder for next year. Thanks, CWL

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