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The Mack Auction Co. will have this car F/S, their tag says "1951 Fraser-Kaiser",  in Alida, SK at their Aug. 4/5 Gervais Family Farm Wheels Museum auction, along with about 50 other cars, & 40 tractors. None of them mine, nor have I seen them. Less than 100 miles from Minot, North Dakota!



photo from www.mackauctioncompany.com

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Whatever it is, I'm impressed by the amount of chrome in the bumpers and grill. As this part of S.E. Saskatchewan is in prime farming country, the auction will probably draw more tractor guys than car guys. There still are some interesting cars besides this one:  7 Model Ts; 2 Model As; 1918, 1930, 1938,1944 Chevrolets; 1915 Milburn Electric; 1929 Packard; 1913, 1917, 1918, late 30s McLaughlin Buicks; 1959 Lincoln; 1947 Oldsmobile; 1927 Star; 1927 Jewett;  1929 Erskine; 1930 Marquette; 1930 Whippet, and others. I'd say 25 of the cars have been stored inside, the rest(& the tractors) outside.

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