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As did Tom, I received an award from the Bugle and Pete Phillips. To even be mentioned in the same presentation with Tom is an honor. Wow!

   I have waited this long to acknowledge it as I needed to confirm what it was for!

  Have done so.

  The Repair/Reconstruction/Technical Writing Award.    For "Hop Up", a shortened version of the thread about my 263 build for the 1950.  Mr Earl saw fit to feature this in the " whats happening on the forum " pages in the Bugle.

   I mention this not to toot my own horn, although that does feel good, but to say thanks to a couple of great guys for noticing. Thanks, Lamar.  Thanks, Pete




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Congrats brother Ben!!! That was a great thread , interesting,  well written and  with excellent pictures. I enjoyed adapting it to fit into the pages of the Bugle. 

Again congrats on receiving the prestigious award. 

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Congrats Ben!


Aren't the surprises in life the most fun? With the copious pictures and explanations,

your 263 "Hop-Up" should pave the way for others to tackle a similar project.


Here's a toot from my horn to yours on receiving the

Repair/Reconstruction/Technical Writing Award.  ?



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