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added new parts on 3-11-21 EARLY CAR PARTS FOR SALE

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SOME NEW PARTS ADDED ON March 11, 2021.  pair 1912 rear spring shackle shock absorbers, many tail lamps, divers helmet lamps,6 early steering wheels.  Look over  all the pictures and contact me with the picture number and description of what part or parts you want .   I do not have an itemized list of these parts, just pictures,    ((( if you don't see the part your looking for in these please don't ask if I have a part, as I don't )))        Contact:  durocar@aol.com                                         PAGE 1




















parts 1.jpg

parts 2.jpg

parts 3.jpg

parts 4.jpg

parts 5.jpg

parts 6.jpg

parts 7.jpg

parts 8.jpg





steering wheels 1.jpg

steering wheels 2.jpg

steering wheels 3.jpg

steering wheels 4.jpg

1912 shock abosrbers 1.jpg

1912 shock absorbers 4.jpg

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About 4 photos up is a 4 blade aluminum fan. This fits a Packard twin six and possibly other same era  Packards. Also I see a couple of things that say Harrah's. Can you send an email photo of what appears to be a sign. The centennial Nevada License plate is that a Horseless Carriage plate?  Also might you have any Nevada low number larger horseless carriage license plates? 


When I worked there, Harrah's was instrumental is getting the state to make personalized license plates. We spent weeks making personalized plate names up, spelling interesting cars and nick names. I would love to find one of these plates. We had one for James Milton when he attended one of the Reno tours and drove Harrah's 1913 Mercer. For some reason his nick was SQURL and that plate was ordered and placed on the Mercer.



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my name is frank and I’m trying to build an older looking Buick speedster.  You have some headlights that look really cool.  I like the round square looking ones.   You also have what looks like speedster fenders.  I live in Bakersfield and northern Nevada.  Are you anywhere close to me so I could come have a look





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Are you looking to add to your inventory? We have 2 garages of 30's and 40's Ford mostly parts. A lot of NOS parts still wrapped in paper or in original boxes. Fenders, running boards, chrome pieces, electronics, ect. 

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