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Tire Pressure 1947 Lincoln Continental

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1 hour ago, Tom_Overfield said:

My 41 Continental Cabrolet has 700- 16 inch bias ply tires, 26 pounds front and rear, I don’t deaviate from that.



Tom, thanks. MY '47 Continental Cabriolet has 700- 15 tires. I found my operating manual and it too recommends 26 pounds so I'll stick with that.

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1 hour ago, Waldren said:

My 42 Continental coupe has always carried 32 pounds 700x15.   I have had L C  since 1955 and always carried 32  all around


Waldren, thanks. My old Fords from that era all specified 32 pounds. I'll experiment a bit to see if there is any noticeable difference in the ride. Wear is not an issue as I drive my '47 less than 1000 miles a year. My car front end does  "hunt" a bit at 60 mph that I've always attributed to the bias tires but maybe it is low tire pressure. My tires had 26 in them when I bought it three years ago and still have 26.


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