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White wall tires approved in Europe?

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I have a '69 Cadillac Eldorado, which I plan on shipping to from California to Germany (to keep for myself). My car needs new tires. I want to get a set of four 'Eldorado Golden Fury' white wall tires.

Based on my research, all tires need to be 'ECE' approved in Europe. However, I am getting conflicting information if these same rule apply to cars 30 years or older. These 'Eldorado' tires don't have that mark/stamp on it. 

I don't want to end up buying a set here that I will have to replace right away. 

Has anyone had to deal with this type of thing before? Any input much appreciated.


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I also use Maxis MA-1 on my 71 Cougar, in Poland. But I also have other car, still on tires from USA - and didn't have any problem with it. I'll look tomorrow, if they have any ECE sign. I know a lot of guys who are driving new, or modern car  or motorbikes imported directly from US - they changed the lights, noone even thoguht about tires. I fact, I hear about it for the first time.

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1 hour ago, cahartley said:

Wow.......that isn't a bad price!

102.70 EUR =120.046USD

In France the tyre quote does not include fitting and balancing. I went down that road 3 weeks ago. The 'extras', fit and balance were EUR 18.00 per corner. Motor-home tyres. Car tyres may be less.

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We sold a 60 something Dodge to a couple of tourists from Germany.

They went on a ten day road trip here then we had to take the custom wheels off before they shipped it as they told us that Germany wouldn't let them in.

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No, the tires are not subsidied... I don't think that any consumer product is subsided. In fact, the only "gift" from the government I get for driving classic is the lack of mandatory, yearly technical inspection. I've got it inspected once, and forever.


What's the reason of cheapness of Maxis tires? Well, I remember when they has shown on market - being advertised as a affordable tire with white stripe. For the set I bought in ~~ 2014 I paid around 300 € or even less - that's simillar to my modern automobile. Also, as press says, those tires were designed for best possible stopping distance and for slow aging - in favour of tire wear. So, why they are cheap? Mass production, causing low price, causing high sales volume, letting mass production... Unification with other tires from the same factory - thread pattern looks modern and probably is the same as in "normal" Maxis tires. 


About those wheels to Germany - I heard that their pre - registration inspection of classic car is really strict, and such thing as custom wheels would probably disqualify car from getting classic status. But that's the words I heard... Germans are known for abiding the law, Poles... Poles are slighly different









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