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3 hours ago, checkmate said:

Recently my stock 89 TC developed a "hard brake pedal".  What are the usual suspects for me to trouble shoot? 



Generally it is caused by the hydraulic pump not functioning. That can be due to a burnt out connection at a fuse in the "BLACK BOX'" located in the passenger side of the engine compartment. There are 3 relays and 2 fuses. The fuse closest to the firewall is the one affected. The terminal connector that the fuse connects to, burns up, causing an open circuit. The fuse does not look burnt out when you look at it. If this is the cause of the hard pedal, the pump is likely still OK.

The other cause would be the pump actually being the failed component.

You need to check out the relay/fuse box in the engine compartment first.

People wonder why I ripped out this ABS system? This is one of the reasons.

Follow my links below my name, you can see what I did and do it yourself or have a competent mechanic do it,  if you want dependable brakes on your TC.

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