July 2018 Buick Bugle

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Yes, that is what I am asking about:


0570835 BUICK CLUB OF AMERICA COLUMBUS             1/18/2017


I assume the number is the State Tax ID for the Buick Club of America. Columbus I assume to be the city where that entity is located, and 1/18/2017 is when the state of California revoked the entity's Tax Exempt Status.


With the difficulty finding any information, I thought I should do a little bit of research. While I am not familiar with either California or Ohio laws, I have a number of years of experience as the treasurer of a tax exempt organization in NC. There are typically different state and federal forms that have to be filed that are public records and often available online. I thought that the publicly available documents might answer a few of my questions but so far that has not happened. 



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On 6/28/2018 at 10:50 PM, bhclark said:

I made such a motion at the BOD meeting to <hire an unaffiliated CPA, specializing in 501(c)7 non-profits, to perform an audit of BCA financials>

Note, that is not exact quote. You'll have to wait for the minutes for that.

Well now we have someplace for some of that money to go.  Having a tidy reserve is not a bad thing.  Let's not squander it.  The day will come when it will be needed.


Brian, please note this was not directed at you in any way.  I merely used your statement to accentuate my statement.

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