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Silly Rear End Questions

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I thought that after about five years of fussing, the 48 LCC might actually run again, so I started adding fluids with the overdirve first.  What I got was gear oil all over the floor.  Likely I messed up, or missed a gasket at the transmission - overdrive junction.  Tried to pry apart and add permatex gear oil sealer, still leaks.  So I'm thinking I need to pull the transmission to disassemble and see what is wrong.  Unfortunately the engine is installed (and I think ready to run), so to pull the tranny I need to separate the torque tube from the universal joint at the rear of the transmission.  This means lowering the rear end third member so the torque tube will slide back.  I put a spreader bar between the rear transverse spring eyes, hopefully won't go sprong.  Questions in no particular order:

1.  How far back to I need to move the torque tube to get the transmission out?

2. Does the rear axle assemble need to come completely out?  At least I could clean off the grease and oil accumulated there.

3. Do we need to pull the hubs to unhook the hand brake cable, or can I take the turnbuckle apart where the hand brake cable splits?

4.  Depending on answer to 1 and 2, could we leave the hand brake cable in place and get enough clearance?

5.  Is it better to remove the bushing in the spring eye to separate spring from the assembly, or take out the upper shackle bolt?

6. Where to disconnect rear shock absorbers?

7. Looks like we'll need to disconnect the brake line, not much slack there.


Any other advice or consolation appreciated.



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So , your disgusted at your Lincoln now, wait till you finish this project-----Make certain you need to pull trans...

look for leak ..clean and inspect---

or---spring spreader on rear spring, remove shackles--- lift car way up, remove rear axle and driveshaft back ..all the way out I believe,

(never done a post war Continental)--disconnect speedo, brake cable at junction, shocks brake hoses==roll it on back..

torque tube bolted, drive shaft has it is not coming off easily....


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You don't have to remove the spring from the axle, if you can get the car high enough to move the rear axle back about 12". Just disconnect the four U-Bolts that hold the spring in place, remove the rear wheels, the strut rod (sway bar), brake hose, emergency brake, shocks, shift levers, overdrive controls and clutch linkage, universal joint bolts and any other items attached to the rear end or transmission and then drag the rear end back. I use a floor jack to do this.


You may not need to remove the transmission, if it is just the gasket at the OD junction. You might be able to just remove the OD. I have not worked on a torque tube Lincoln for more than 65 years, so i am not sure if you can just pull the OD.

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