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Got an old photo of you as a kid next to a car?


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On 11/12/2020 at 7:13 PM, PFindlay said:

My first vehicle was this 1967 Triumph Daytona 500 (left).  I was 2 weeks past my 16th birthday when I got it.  My buddy had this '69 Bonneville (lucky guy) and we were headed off for a weekend camping trip on Long Beach, Vancouver Island.  We rode out onto the beach until the sand got soft and we couldn't go any farther, then pitched our tent right there.  Woke up the next morning with rainwater pouring in all around us and spent the next day in the local laundromat trying to dry out our gear.  Oh, to be young again!





I found what I was really looking for.  This is our family in the 1953 Oldsmobile 98 that we used to travel in back in the 1960s.  I think it was my dad's favourite "modern" car.  There were four kids in the family at that time (#5 arrived shortly after) so the car was full.


When the Olds came to its final days dad pulled the Rocket V-8 engine and Hydramatic transmission and installed it in the family motorhome, affectionately known as "The Moose."  It was actually the second Moose - the first was an old Chev milk truck that dad converted to sleep 6.  The second was a small Mercury bus (operated by the Easter Seal organization and referred to around here as a "Bunny Bus") which slept all seven of us.   As a family we travelled all over the west coast in that Moose and when we were old enough we'd borrow it for trips with our friends.  I once took it to school to transport about 10 members of our high school band to the concert we had to get to.  Couldn't do that these days.




  The 1953 Olds 98.  That's me and big brother Ken (also on this site) in the back seat.  Sharp eyes will notice

  it's pulling a trailer - I believe there was a Hupmobile on board.




  The first Moose was a milk truck and slept 6 thanks to the Nash "pullmanizing" front seat that dad installed.



The second Moose had the Olds running gear.  There's big brother again, and big and little sister.  I may have

been off climbing a tree or something.  This was in 1969.



                     Finally, another picture of me and my trusty Triumph, with little sister on the back.




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Here's me - or at least my feet - with my first car, a '79 Monte Carlo. I bought that car at 17 with my own money earned by working after school, something I was very proud of at the time. I'd been saving for a car since age 14, and wanted one of my own ever since I was old enough to play with toy cars. This car took me to college and beyond. Fourteen years ago I bought another just like it,  same year, same color (my avatar). Sometimes I forget they're not the same car. The pics are both c. 1987 or so. The first is camping out on a road trip, the second is replacing the header panel in our driveway after a minor accident. 





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21 hours ago, PFindlay said:

My cousin sent me this 1947 picture today. He's the one with the rifle.  I guess "Nothing Runs Like a Deere" didn't quite work.


Anyone know what the truck is?






Taillight looks like Chev, so fairly new Chev pickup

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Not by an old car but here I am in foreground with silly hat at age 14, day one, first Hershey, 1978.  Family friend John is a few steps ahead.  I need to send him that one.


Me again around age 20, taking engine out of my 56 chevy.  My pal Rich (had a 68 Mustang GTA 390, still has it today!) On left, I am on right in red jacket.





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I'm next to our then new 1970 GTX. 440 4bbl, 4spd, super trak pak 4:10. FY4 Gold with Gold interior. Poverty caps, AM radio. I remember going on a multi state trip sleeping on that vinyl seat for hours. No AC in this one. 7 MPG on Sunoco 260.  I've been looking for it. Believe it to be in NJ as of 2007.









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