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Virginia, Leon's, Leon, VA

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Still around. I first went there in the 70's to get 50's parts. Now Leon's son is running the place.


Address: 6207 James Monroe Hwy, Leon, VA 22725
Phone: (540) 547-2366


Pictures and description of yard policies here:



Weekday best. Only open 4 hours on Saturday, and NO ONE gets in after 8 AM! Gates locked. I thought they were out of business, as the gates were always locked when I went by. I went there last year. There were many cars grouped awaiting for scrap prices to rise. Virginia based cars, so years outside has not been kind to them. There are some projects for sale also.



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I walked it in the 80's.  Old Leon was still living and running the place.  I remember a 55 Chevy in the middle of the place where it was low.  There had been some flooding, probably more than once.  The Chevy was buried in a wash up to the bottom of the windows.  I also remember a 54 Ford glasstop in the woods with the glass missing.  Even then, there were few pre-1950s cars there.  There was a little group together on a hill that included a 1941 Buick.  I was always look for 30s cars and I don't remember seeing any.

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I have went there many times. He has a lot  , takes most of the day just to walk through . He is alittle high on price but has a lot .  When Iwas working on my 66 Plymouth I counted 22 of them in there.  Last time Iwas there he was moving things around to make it easier to find things .  Kings32

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