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Currently on Reatta prices are seeming to tick upward:


1) 1989 Coupe, 25400 miles -asking $14,500

2) 1991 Convertible, 11500 miles - asking $36,995

3) 1991 Convertible, 30,000 miles - asking $29,995

4) 1991 Coupe, 48000 miles -asking $11,000

5) 1990 Convertible, 37,000 miles, - asking $25,900

6) 1991 convertible, 9000 miles -asking $24,900

7) 1990 Convertible, ad says "mileage says 3361" which is highly suspect of fraud  - asking $19,995

8  1991 Convertible, 34,900 miles  - $20,990


Wow, not sure what to say but they are asking for real serious money for our special 2 door sports cars!

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I believe it is mirroring the uptick in America, and the confidence in our burgeoning economy.  My guess is that supply and demand on these wonderful cars  isn't changing all that much.  As our cars are beginning to turn 30 years old, it will be interesting to see how many Reatta owners or potential owners are going to put the investment into buying and maintaining them.  If anyone knows....are our Reattas heading overseas to foreign collectors at all?  That may cause a real value increase due to demand.   Isn't China both: full of Buick lovers;  and also have the worlds largest middle class?  Are classic cars a popular hobby there yet?  Hmm. 

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