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wood burner drawings

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There is apparent ambiguity in the question.  If there is intent to run a car on "gas producer gas" there are significant cautions.  Carbon monoxide gives much les power that petrol or gasoline.   Carbon monoxide forms a very stable complex with haemoglobin;   and  probably deficiency of oxygen,  as well as presence of CO will damage the brain and also heart muscle.   One of my friends had a bad dose of CO from exhaust leakage of his truck which he ran with a White with a petrol engine while he was transporting bulldozers in the early 1950s.       Alan Hawker Chamberlain in the early 1940s had opportunity to buy one of the Stutz cars which raced at LeMans in 1929 with a Mecklenberg vane type supercharger.  A couple of years later one of his friends was looking for a supercharger to run a Bedford truck for his work on "producer gas".  The fellow in England sold him the supercharger for the same price that was asked for the Stutz with the blower fitted.   Problem was that kiln charcoal still has all the silica which has been deposited in the wood by the transpiration water,  and silica is a very fine and hard abrasive.  Honourable Bedford engine wore out very quickly, as also did the Stutz  supercharger.

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