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1928 Chrysler Coupe

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I have a 1928 Chrysler Coupe in its original condition; it has been stored for 45 years. I last drove it in 1973. The car is identical to the above photo, but in barnyard condition.

The Chrysler has wooden spokes. The engine is a flat head 6 cylinder. I am trying to further identify the car. The engine is a Silver Dom. I found a casting numbers 10 6 28 on the left side. I assume this is the date October 6, 1928. The engine’s right side has a casting number 78381 1.

A metal tag with the VIN (??) was found on the wooden body’s frame, driver’s side lower frame. Number 7838 1.

Advice on how to further identify this Chrysler would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Kenneth Havekost


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The engine serial number is also a good identifier, it is stamped  on a machined pad on the left (port) side behind the water pump and between  the head and front water jacket cover. The number will start with a letter, this letter will indicate the Model.

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