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1963-65 Riviera Parts Inventory

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I have been cleaning shop and have decided to reduce a lot of my 63-65 Riv parts inventory.  I have lots of interior/exterior trim, AC parts, bumpers, chrome pieces, Nailhead parts, etc.  PM with needs and will see if I have it.  Everything is located in SoFlo, can ship anywhere in the world, international is no problem. 

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Do you have the following parts for a 1965 Riviera

1) Rear bumper

2) Front grille closeout panel - bolts to bottom of grille

3) Rear window trim

4) Right front headlight door parts?   I need the arm that goes from the lower door to the pivot!

5) Closeout panel right behind right headlight, with hardware.

6) Rear taillight harness with sockets.

7) Front bumper.

8) Fan shroud


Please include prices for anything you have.  TIA

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8 hours ago, DualQuadDave said:

 Are you talking about the reverb switch under the dash or the fader knob that goes on the passenger side of the radio?


I am looking for the reverb switch under the dash


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Hi Dave,

would be interested in a ‘63 Riviera inside mirror, with working day/night feature, driver quality is fine. And the control knob and surround fits on the door for the external remote mirror (oval shaped surround). Would need the attaching screws also as am replacing fixed mirrors on both sides.

Am in Australia but have a US postal address too

Many thanks

Rodney ?????

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