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Trying to confirm 1911 designation

Steve Hammatt

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I have a customer (for my leather license plates) that has a Chalmers Model 30 that is believed to be a 1911 model. 

The i.d. information we have is:

On the top of the transmission is cast into the plate "Model K", then stamped into the same plate, next to the K is "-M"

I'm assuming that this is a K (1910) transmission but used in a M (1911) vehicle.

Also, on the firewall is a brass plate with "333" stamped as the i.d. number.

On the back of the engine block, stamped into a cast boss is "15426" (although difficult to read in photo provided).

Is there any reason to doubt this being a 1911 model??  This all came about so that the license plate number to

be selected will match the correct number range for the calendar "year of manufacturer".


Steve Hammatt



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