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Stowe Vt Brit Auto Show

Charlie B.

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Drove up to Stowe to the "British Invasion" auto show. Sure were a lot of very nice cars there.

The big part of the day for me was that I met "EDBSO" (Robert Fletcher)and his wife. It seems we had the only Reattas there, Of course it was a British car show so I didn't expect to see more than his and mine.

He is a very nice person , as is his wife. They drove down from Ottowa In his white Reatta coupe.

At least now I will know one of the guys from the forum when I see his posts.

He is very knowledgable about our little cars. Told me to get those ugly weights off my wheels and have some stick ons put on the back side of the wheels

I looked at his wheels and they were perfect, as was the rest of his coupe.

I drove a little over 400 miles today, so I think I will reward myself with a little BOMBAY. G'nite Charlie B.

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I was at the Street Rod show in Essex Junction VT. this past weekend. Did not see any Reattas. Mine was home under cover just over the mountain and through the Notch from Stowe (about 10 miles north). I hope the British show was worth the trip! In about 3 weeks you will not be able to get close to Stowe on account of the tourist looking at the spectacular fall colors.

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bwarren; Have you ever gone North through Stowe on route 108 up the big hill, you'll know the one ( if you have been there) where the road narrows to one lane between the big rocks. Temperature on my 89 went to 231 climbing that hill. Our cooling systems really are marginal.

Would have liked to have visited your show had I known about it as I was down the road at the British Invasion. A really great show. Perhaps next year? Is it an annual event?

Stowe is always worth the trip.

Wife also loves route 100 particularly south of 89.

Perhaps Charlie and others can join us next year and we will make a convoy between the shows? That should turn some heads.

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Robert; The passage you are referring to is known as Smugglers' Notch. It earned its name because the once-forbidding route was perfect for those bringing contraband down from Canada into Vermont. It's 10 minutes from my house. I've made the ascent numerous times. It can give your breaks a good workout as well. The thing that really ruins a quick trip through the Notch is when you get to the top and someone has tried to maneuver a 35-foot camper through the passage. Although watching them try to back their way out can be most entertaining.

The convoy between shows sounds like a great idea!

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